• Like our name implies, Kovalick Roofing & Siding is a specialty company. Although we do a few things besides roofing and siding, we do not claim to be Kovalick Construction, or a general contractor. As roofing & siding specialists, we really know these two vocations. Kovalick Roofing & Siding Company is licensed as a residential builder with the state of Michigan, as opposed to having a maintenance & alterations license that limits our operations to a listed sector, and this does give us the flexibility to be able to do whatever you need us to, related to your roof replacement. We have been licensed since 1994 and have learned that no one can be an expert at everything. The building trades consist of many different segments and skill sets.  We are not saying that someone cannot be good at many trades, only that someone specializing in a particular trade will be better at that trade and all the different intricacies involved in it.

    • We install asphalt shingles. New in 2011 most major asphalt shingles manufacturers have increased the warranty on their laminated architectural shingles to a lifetime warranty. That means that for the life of the original purchaser the shingles will be warranted from manufacturing defects (as long as the original purchaser owns the house). Kovalick Roofing & Siding does not do flat roofs with the exception of small sections, such as over a porch. We do not install flat roofs on commercial buildings or homes that have a roof that is predominately flat.
    • We install insulated vinyl siding, regular vinyl siding, and all the accoutrements that go with it.
    • We calculate your ventilation needs, and install attic ventilation.
    • We install custom trim.
    • We provide mold testing and mold remediation. It may sound like mold testing and remediation does not go with roofing & siding, but it does. If you have mold in your attic it is because either the roofer or the sider didn’t do their job properly. It is much more common than most people realize. An experienced, qualified, and caring roofing & siding company routinely takes care of such problems.

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