• There are many variables to the cost of your new roof, but to get a ballpark figure of what you can expect you need to know 2 things.

    • What is the square footage of your attic?  If you live in a ranch or one story house, just use the square footage of your house, including the garage. If you live in a colonial or two story house, use the square footage of your upstairs.  Again, don’t forget about the garage.
    • Can someone walk on your roof fairly comfortably, or is it steep?

    The Roof Estimate Calculator includes: tearing off one (1) layer of old roofing materials and replacing it with all new, high-quality materials including flashings, underlayments, and shingles.  Please note that this estimate is for budgeting purposes only, and tends to be a little high.  Your actual cost will vary depending on many factors including actual roof pitch, number of layers of existing shingles, required attic exhaust vents, and various flashing needs (including waterproof leak protection, commonly referred to as Ice & Water Shield). Please contact us for a free estimate that includes everything your roof system needs to adequately protect and ventilate your home.

    Roof Estimate Calculator

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