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Kovalick Roofing & Siding Company is a local, family business. We do our own work and we don’t subcontract. (See “Subcontractors in the Roofing Industry” in the articles tab of this website to find out why this is important to you). We install asphalt & metal roofing, vinyl siding, soffit, trim, & attic insulation. We specialize in the ventilation of attics, making sure that your unique attic is effectively vented.

Do you get ice dams in the winter? Have they leaked into your house yet? There are 3 tools to combat ice dams. 1. attic ventilation 2. attic insulation 3. water-proof shingle underlayment. We install all three.

Do you have mold in your attic? Is your upstairs noticeably hotter than the downstairs? Are your utility bills too high? We can help! People don’t realize that their roof system is more than shingles and tar paper, and that it does more than keep out water. Your roof system starts in your attic, not on your roof, and when installed properly will cut your utility bills, keep you more comfortable, and protect your house from way more than rain and snow. (See “Ventilation of Attics for Homeowners” in the Articles tab on this website).

Add 30% to over 36% more insulation to your walls with insulated vinyl siding. It will help keep you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and cut exterior noise and wind. Plus it is much stronger than non-insulated siding, and it looks better too. It used to be that if you wanted to reduce the value of your house, install vinyl siding. Not any more! Vinyl siding has come a long way! You can make your house look better than ever before with architectural accents that look & perform great. There are window and door mantles (including the garage door), dentil moldings, trim boards, columns, corner posts, and more. All maintenance free. What used to be unaffordable and a maintenance nightmare is now available to all of us. Kovalick Roofing & Siding is certified to ensure the proper installation of all kinds of vinyl siding, no matter who the manufacturer is.

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